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Villa Vicky’s Health & Safety protocols

Dear Guests,

Villa Vicky announces with joy and absolute sense of responsibility the reopening of the hotel.

Covid19’s new priorities changed everyone’s habits, creating new approaches to both travel and the tourism market. We offer the utmost care to ensure that every stay with us is safe, clean and comfortable, so, we have implemented all the necessary precautionary measures according to the Public Health Tourism Protocol in our hotel, as the safety of our guests and our employees is paramount & important to us.

The measures taken by the Villa Vicky Apartments responsibly are:

• Management team for medical action plan.
• Co-operation with medical center, closed to the hotel.
• Social distances of 2 meters must be maintained by customers and employees.
• Rigorous cleaning and disinfection of guest apartments and all common areas.
• Frequent disinfection of contact points, such as door handles, chairs and tables, WCs etc.
• Antibacterial hand sanitizers placed in common areas, such as lobby, bar, WCs.
• Laser thermometer available.
• All our staff has received training on our protocols.
• All staff members will follow proper social distancing and personal hygiene policies.
• Only clients with booked reservations and in-house guests will enter the property.


• All guests should maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other (except families or friends accommodated in the same room). Our reception has been marked accordingly .

• Seating in all waiting areas has been re-arranged to allow for safe minimum distances. However, families or couples do not have to keep this distance.

• All Front Office employees will work behind a plexiglass separator; they will wear gloves and facemasks.

• We recommend that guests use contactless credit cards for account settlement and that avoid use of cash money. If you wish, invoices or receipts will be sent to you via email.

• The Front Desk will be disinfected on a continuous basis.

• During your stay, if you are not feeling well or you face any symptoms, like fever, cough, sore throat, please, stay in your apartment and contact with the reception by phone, pressing 9, or calling to 00302897023084.


• Check-in and check-out times have been changed: check-out to 11 a.m. and check-in to 3 p.m. The added time between each check-out and check-in is necessary to ensure that each room is thoroughly disinfected between stays, and that the space is adequately ventilated.

• A special paper film closures the room’s main door after the departure service, to guarantee that you’re the first who will be in your room after the disinfection.

• All card keys are disinfected after each stay.


• Complete disinfection of rooms upon departure of guests. The process will be repeated prior to next guests’ arrival, using steamers and proper disinfection materials.

• Meticulous cleaning of rooms upon departure, with emphasis on “difficult” points (doorknobs, switches, remote control, telephone, bathroom etc.)

• Housekeeping will be less frequent during stays. We arrange the housekeeping to be done every other day.
Towels are changed 3 times per week including the first set.
Bed linens are changed 2 times per week including the first set.
In case you would like less or no housekeeping, please refer that in the reception.

• The hotel has been advised to get rid of decorative objects such as vases, cushions, extra pillows, blankets and reusable items likely to be shared, such as menus and magazines. In case you need something of the above, please ask that at the reception.

• Disposable covers are placed on TV and air conditioner remote controls.

• Guests are advised to open the windows daily for the adequate ventilation of the space.

• A/C cleaning and disinfection before every room arrival.


• Sunbeds are placed so that two people sitting under two different umbrellas or two people staying in two different rooms maintain a distance of at least 2 meters in every direction.

• Whenever you are looking for a free set of sunbeds / table, please, use the ones with the DISINFECTED label on it. Every time a customer leaves, sunbeds , tables and any other item the next customer may use will be disinfected.

• Recommended at swimming pools, the guests to be showered before entering and after exiting the water.

• The maximum total number of people entering the pools at any given time will not be greater than 20 people in the adult’s pool and 14 people in the children’s pool.

• The external Jacuzzi is used only by 1 person at any given time. The restriction is not applied to families and couples.


• Hand sanitizer dispensers available at restaurant and bar area.

• The minimum distance allowed between tables ranges from 90 cm to 180 cm, and no more than six people are allowed at one table, although these restrictions do not apply to families with children.

• Information signs will remind you of individual hygiene rules and of safety measures applying to all spaces.


The Hotel’s telephone center number is +30 28970 23084 (from your cell phone) or ‘‘9’’ (from your room’s telephone device).


• Strict cleaning procedures and disinfection of all public areas

• The 2 m safety distance applies for guests in gardens and all public areas.
However, families or couples do not have to keep this distance.


• Hotel’s apartments are for customer-use only.

• No visitors are permitted in the hotel area and in the apartments.


• Maintain social distancing
• Wash and disinfect hands frequently
• Avoid touching eyes-face-nose.
• Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
• Stay in the room and contact the reception if they do not feel well
• Follow and respect the floor markings specifically designed to avoid coming into contact with other quests.

Sincerely yours,
Villa Vicky’s Management

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